Officer Stud Pants (julianix) wrote in digicam_lubbin,
Officer Stud Pants

Hey guys I am selling my Fuji Fine Pix S5000
For all of its technological information visit here and here.

I bought it about two years ago and I paid around $500 for everything I am about to offer.

One Fuji Fine Pix S500 (Along With Lense Cap, Strap, And USB Cord)
One LowePro Camera Case
Four Enegizer Recharageable Batteries And One Charger
One 256MB Fuji XD Memory Stick
One 16MB Fuji XD Memory Stick

It is in perfect condition (aside from a slight scratch on the upper left corner of the camera which does not affect it's preformance) and has been used sparingly since I bought it. The only reason I am selling it is becuase I need to buy books for school on my own in Sept.

I am asking $300 for everything. (Wal-Marts list price is $379 for the camera alone!)
But will accept the highest offer. This does not have to be a package deal.
I accept Money-Order, PayPal, and Personal Checks.

If anyone would like me to take some sample pictures I will.
Thank you for your time.
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